What Are Labels?

Labels are mostly pieces consisting of information about Brands in the form of paper, fabric or plastic adhered onto the surface of the Products. Since we all know that these play an imperative role by providing comprehensive information about the Brand and its Products. We at Kumbhat Holograms believe in providing you with the best of options to choose from the different variety we have because these are largely in demand by all kinds of Industries.

Why Choose Kumbhat Holograms?

Because we at Kumbhat Holograms have the printing capacity of over 0.5 million labels per day with 100% quality assurance in barcode scanning, in-house testing and verification systems. Furthermore, our Experts manufacture supreme quality labels that meet the International Standards making use of the in-trend technology.


What Are The Different Labels We Manufacture?

We vastly manufacture the following kinds of labels:

  • Inkjet Label
  • Holographic/ Hologram Label
  • Bar Code Label
  • Ready To Use Label

What Information Do These Carry?

Following are the different kinds of information that we find hard to miss on the everyday products that we use :

  • Name and Logo of The Brand
  • License of The Brand
  • Seal of Authentication
  • Name of Product
  • Contents used to make the Product
  • Barcode
  • Date of Manufacture
  • Date of Expiry
  • Price
  • Guarantee/ Warranty
  • Place of Manufacturing
  • Precautions/ Care Details
  • Directions to Use
  • Warnings
  • Address of the Manufacturing Unit
  • Customer Care Contact Numbers
  • Targeted Consumers (health care products mostly)
  • Additional details if any

What Are The Information Specific Labels That We Provide?

While most labels consist full information about the Brands and Products, there are certain Brands that use label containing only specific information on their products. Following are a few examples of what information specific label we manufacture at Kumbhat Holograms:

  • Warranty Label
  • Sealing Label
  • Product Label
  • Inventory Label
  • ID Label
  • Packaging Label
  • Address Label
  • Mailing Label
  • Security Hologram Label
  • Security Label