How Can Hologram Sticker Manufacturers In India Help Your Brand?

As the owner of a brand, you want to do everything in your power to enhance the image of your brand to ensure that it does not become a victim of theft and theft. Both tasks require a large portion of your budget. From spending on effective advertising and marketing to increasing amounts of CCTV cameras and security teams, it will cost money. Unfortunately, not all brands can spend that amount and have to resort to cost-effective measures.

If you own such a brand, then you will have to pay a visit to those making hologram stickers in Mumbai (Kumbhat Holographics). They can help you promote your brand while protecting it at the same time. These manufacturers are the cost-effective solution the brand was looking for. Here’s how these hologram stickers help you achieve both of these requirements.

What are these hologram stickers?

It is beneficial to understand what they are before you even begin to understand their benefits. Hologram stickers are flat labels and give you the impression of having 3D images. You may have seen them on items that you buy. Small shiny labels on the side. And as you may have understood, they play an important role.

Can hologram stickers help prevent tampering?

If you are a brand whose products run the risk of damage, go to Mumbai hologram sticker manufacturers (Kumbhat Holographics) and ask them to make stickers that are tamper-proof. This means that if anyone tries to tear off these stickers, the sticker either does not tear or if it does, it leaves predetermined clues that indicate product tampering. Such stickers are best for pear products and brands that manufacture a large number of items.

How do hologram stickers help promote a brand?

While these stickers are one of the best watchdogs for your brand, they are also, in fact, excellent marketers. Brands always try to stand out from the competition to create a strong brand recall in the minds of customers. Product design is one way to do this. A hologram sticker makes a strong pitch for the second best method. A unique hologram will definitely stand out among the crowd. Think of the world’s major companies, their hologram stickers are a big marketing tool in the form of their product design and logo.

Are hologram stickers effective enough to stop counterfeiting?

Yes. The most important use of holographic stickers is to prevent the sale of counterfeit goods. Take a look at any sticker and you will see an image. However, it is an encoded pattern, which uses light in unique ways to show the image you are viewing. Now, this pattern is what makes hologram stickers unique because fraudsters cannot repeat the encoded pattern. And that is where anyone can distinguish between the original and the fake.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do kumbhat holographics make both, 2D and 3D holograms?

Yes, they manufacture both 2D as well as 3D holograms along with other types like dot matrix, e-beam, etc.


2. Do they sign long-term contracts?

Many manufacturers sign contracts with companies having a perennial requirement for hologram stickers.


3. Will they show the design before printing?

Yes, they will send the order for printing only upon your approval.


4. What is the minimum order quantity?

This depends on the respective hologram sticker manufacturer. Please get in touch with Kumbhat Holographics to know the same.


5. Will the Kumbhat Holographics make tamper-proof holograms?

Many manufacturers specialize in making tamper-proof holograms. These stickers are difficult to remove, once pasted on the surface.

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